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Healing in the Dance Hall Jan 16, 2017

This will be the fourth staging of this project and is held as the name suggest, in an actual weekly dance hall setting in Kingston. This event typically starts about 12:00am every Monday night, a variety of top local Disk Jockey’s turn the tables to the latest dance hall music and dub plates. The patrons include mostly persons from inner city communities as well as tourists who are hip followers of the dance hall culture. Dance off’s are a regular feature of the event. The peak time is around 2:00am in the morning. Our goal will be to bring HIV and Diabetes testing and awareness to the patrons; this forum makes it accessible and at their “base” to encourage early detection and education about the diseases. We partner with the Jamaica Aids Support for Life and the host of the dance Mr. Whitfield “Witty” Henry. This event will take place on January 16th 2017 at Uptown Monday Dance, Constant Spring Road.

Echocardiogram/HCOM Test “One Love One Heart Project” on High School Athletes Jan 16-19

We have partnered with Team Jamaica Bickle on this special project to provide to provide young athletes with bedside echocardiograms. These test will be Dr. Trevor Dixon MD, RDMS, and other specialist  volunteers  will conduct the Echocardiograms.

The Echocardiogram tests will help us to identify other students who may be unknowingly suffering from underlying conditions that could result in more deaths. Along with Echocardiogram and EKG test, students will also benefit from basic medical check up, as well as CPR training to be done by volunteer physicians. Approximately 100 students from 4 selected high schools will benefit from January 16-19, 2017, namely: St Georges College,  Kingston College, Spot Valley High and Herbert Morrison Technical High School.  In addition, we intend to conduct CPR training for coaching staff in the Western Region as part of our Trauma Conference on January 21st, 2017. Each participant will receive a certificate from the American Heart Association from our certified trainer from the United States.


Haile Selassie High School Health Fair Jan 16

The Haile Selassie High School was opened on September 9, 1969 as a gift from H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, subsequent to his visit to Jamaica in 1966.   The school is located in the inner city and has been doing very well to produce model students despite that their families often experience health and food instability. The foundation will be conducting a health fair as part of the wellness effort. Our main partner for this project is  Rastafari TV which has been working closely to provide support to the school and the surrounding community.  This effort will benefit students, teachers  and members of the community. Volunteers participating in Mission 2017 will provide health, dental, wellness screenings and consultations. We also asked patrons attending our fundraisers to donate school supplies which will be distributed during the project.


Cambridge Community Health Fair

This is a community located in the rural part of Saint James, approximately 40 minutes outside of Montego Bay. Most residents engage in  farming to make a living. The area is also well known for craft items especially wood sculptures which are hand made by residents. We will be partnering with the Sweet Water Blossom Foundation to host a health fair as part of our wellness effort. This will be held at the public health center for the residents of Cambridge and the surrounding communities We will be conducting general medical checks, ultra sounds, pap smears and diabetes tests. This will take place on January 20th  from 9:30am-4:00pm.


  • To provide health screening for our high school athletes.

Our Goal is to provide health screening for our high school athletes, residents in various communities, as well as encourage proper nutrition and self sustenance through  agriculture.

Athletic talent is one of Jamaica’s strongest natural resources. The program to groom athletes begins in the primary and high school system. Many of these young person’s competing for their various schools across the island do so without being tested for cardiac abnormalities and so, are unaware of their risk for sudden heart attack and complications. These problems present themselves suddenly especially when their body is exposed to exertion, increasing their susceptibility. It is important therefore, that basic cardiac screening is provided for every public high school athlete to identify any possible abnormalities, and prevent loss of lives or critical illnesses.

  • To provide health screening to communities

A great number of citizens cannot afford  regular medical checks therefore, going to a doctor happens very rarely, These persons are at risk if they develop, or are living with unknown diseases and illnesses. Providing a means of overall general health screening, pap smears can make a great difference.