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Increasing floor space for the donation of Ultra Sound Machines at the Savanna La Mar Public General Hospital.

This hospital is facing many challenges with space, lack of equipment and supplies. We have decided to adopt the hospital and intend to provide as much support as possible, we will begin with donating 2 ultra sound machines, adding space to facilitate these units. This we will do, by installing a 40ft container, which will be retrofitted and designed for the ultrasound testing.


We have received donations of medical equipment and supplies from our supporters in the diaspora and friends of the foundation. In addition we have used fundraising monies to purchase some items which will be donated mainly to the Savanna La Mar Pubic Hospital. We will also be providing donations to other public institutions that are in need of some of these items.

  • Providing Sick Bay for Jamaica’s  Orphans

Supporting the medical and dental needs of state orphans, through construction and renovation of children homes, sick bays and health screenings .

Paul Diclue on the JAHJAH Foundation’s Work @ Hanbury Home

Mr. Paul Diclue, farmer and volunteer at the Hanbury Home, speaks about the JAHJAH Foundation’s current project at the Hanbury Home. JAHJAH Foundation is building a sick bay at Hanbury Home (orphanage) in Jamaica, to help improve the lives of the children who reside there. Mr. Diclue also speaks about the work of Farm Up Jamaica.

Orlando Performs A Beautiful Song for You

Orlando wanted to bring some cheer to the world with his beautiful song. He is a resident of the Hanbury Home for Children, Manchester, Jamaica.

Children at Play @ Hanbury Home Jamaica