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SUN JAN 14 – SUN 21, 2018


12:00pm-4:00pm Arrive in Jamaica!


Monday (Kingston)
8:00am School Health Fair
8:00am Day 1 Emergency Ultrasound Conference
12:00am (midnite) Healing in The Dancehall


Tuesday Jan 15th (Kingston)
8:00am School Health Fair 
8:00am Day 2 Emergency Ultrasound Conference


Wednesday (Trelawny)
9:00am Health Fair At Ulster Spring


Thursday (Savanna La Mar)
8:30am Dental Fair at Mango Hall Basic School   (for students)


Friday (Savanna La Mar)
9:am Community Health Fair and Fun Day at the Mango Hall Basic School


Saturday (Negril)
Relax at the Beach


Sunday – Fond Farewell!