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The JAHJAH Foundation held its annual health fair at Ulster Spring Clinic, Trelawny, Jamaica, in January 2015. While there, we spoke with some of the residents from Ulster Spring, and surrounding areas, and asked them about the challenges they face in accessing healthcare. The overwhelming consensus is to return the Ulster spring Clinic back to its original hospital status.

In 1993 the Ulster Spring Hospital was downgraded to a health clinic, which opens on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There is a lady in the video who speak about her child needing urgent medical attention, being born with three holes in his heart. If you are able to help her, please contact her directly: Kim (876) 588 837.

The JahJAH Foundation is helping to make healthcare in Jamaica’s public hospitals better for everyone. For more information on the JAHJAH Foundation and to make a donation to help us with our mission please visit ~ http://www.JAHJAHFoundation.org



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