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Direct Bank Transfer

Information to transfer funds directly to JAHJAH Foundation from your bank:

Bank Account Holder Name - JAHJAH FOUNDATION
Bank Account Number - 997375738
Routing Number: 021000021
Bank City - The City where your bank is located.

Check Payment

To donate via mail by check or money order: 

Please send checks or money order to our address:

JAHJAH Foundation:
394 East 45th Street, Brooklyn New York 11203 USA

(Please mention in the check for which cause you donate).

The JAHJAH Foundation is very committed to assisting in the area of sexually transmitted disease prevention in Jamaica. Through our annual health fair, dubbed “Healing In The Dancehall”, which is a held at Uptown Mondays, a weekly dancehall party, we focus on young people and look for creative ways to reach them. We provide condoms, free of cost to them. We have also launched a HIV Awareness Game Show to assist in getting the word out about HIV prevention, and measures to take for those who are living with HIV. Lastly, we are working with local partners, such as Jamaica Aids Support For Life, to get the message out. Our goal is to help to ensure that Jamaicans avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases.