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18 January, 2017
Ulster Spring, Ulster Spring, Trelawny, Jamaica

This is a community in a rural area in Trelawny and as such no major hospital is nearby; in fact, the closest one is Falmouth Hospital which is approximately 2 hours away. We were drawn to this project after it was reported to us that many persons lost their lives due to lack of a public hospitals close by. The Ulster Spring Health Centre is the nearest medical centre, but is only open on special days during the week from 8am-5pm and in any case is not equipped to handle major emergencies. This sole health centre virtually in the deep country tends to citizens from many communities. This is the place where both young and old go for various health issues.

Our Foundation carried out the first health fair at Ulster Spring January 2014. It was an enlightening experience and allowed us to make a firsthand assessment of the needs of this community. In 2016 we renovated the old female ward and transformed this area into a 10 room urgent care centre. We will be conducting general medical checks, ultra sounds, pap smears and diabetes tests. This will take place on January 18th 7 from 9:00am-3:00pm. Our long term plan is to establish a rotation team of medical volunteers to service the urgent care center on an ongoing basis.