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The Mango Hall Basic School which is named after the community where it is lo-cated in Little London Westmoreland ,caters to over 40 students ages 2-6 years old. The school was in a depilated condition, and while previously received some assistance to build an additional sections, the facility was in a very poor state. The Jahjah Foundation decided to give the school a complete renovation along with building a playing field on the grounds of the school to serve not only the students but also as a play area to uplift and create social development for the youths in the community. The renovations started in February 2017 and the scope of work is as follows:

• Provide desk and chairs for students
• Provide 2 new beds and mattresses for sick bay area
• Tile floor space in classroom, kitchen and bathroom
• Build additional counter space, tile, and install sinks and faucets
• install new toilets and face basin
• Create private restroom area for teachers with toilet and face basin
• Build wall and erect fencing around playing field
• Erect covered viewing area for the playing field