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The JAHJAH Foundation has a long proven track record in Jamaica. Real work, not chattingz.

Our work in Jamaica over the years includes the following:

Women’s Health Surgical Mission, Black River Hospital, St. Elizabeth (fibroids removal surgery benefiting over 20 women). Covid Mission to Jamaica, Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital, Westmoreland.

Refurbishing of multiple resuscitation bays in the ER at Kingston Public Hospital, Kingston. Refurbishing and Painting of Sick Bay at Hanbury Children Home (Orphanage), Manchester. Construction of Negril Community Dental and Women’s Health Clinic at Negril Health Centre, Westmoreland.

Multiple Health Fairs at Ulster Spring Health Centre, Trelawny. Multiple Health Fairs in Mango Hall (Basic School and Community), Westmoreland. Multiple Community Health Fairs in Negril, Westmoreland. Multiple Health Fairs at Uptown Mondays, dubbed Healing In The Dancehall; a weekly dancehall event in Kingston.
Health Fair at Grange Hill Health Centre, Westmoreland. Health Fair in Chantily, Manchester. Health Fair at Plaza in Greenwich Farm, Kingston.

Multiple Health Fairs at Iris Gelly Primary School, Arnette Gardens, Kingston. Multiple Health Fairs at Haile Selassie High School, Payne Land, Kingston. Health Fair at Herbert Morrison High School, Montego Bay, St. James. Health Fair at Grants Pen Primary and Infant School, Albion, St. Thomas. Health Fair at St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS), Kingston.

Numerous Donations of Medical Equipment and Medical Devices to Several Public Hospitals Across Jamaica; including three ultrasound machines. Donations of Desks and Chairs to Bryce Primary School, Manchester. Donations Of Desk Chairs to Kentucky Primary And Junior High School, Westmoreland. Donation of Refrigerator to Cooreville Gardens Basic School, Kingston.

Trauma Conference in Montego. Pediatric Cancer Conference in Kingston. Sixteen consistent years of ultrasound training to doctors in Jamaica’s public hospitals. One Love, One Heart Student Athletes Cardiac Health Checks (multiple high school). Cervical Cancer Screenings Across Jamaica.

JEMS (Jamaica Emergency Medical Service) pilot project in Negril. One ambulance already delivered. More to come. Introducing and implementing a volunteer EMS program in Jamaica.

JHUP (Jamaica Handheld Ultrasound Project). Biweekly zoom sessions with doctors in Jamaica’s public hospitals who are using the handheld ultrasound probes to ensure better patient outcomes. Done in collaboration with Jacobi Medical Center and American Friends Of Jamaica (AFJ). This is a one-of-a-kind project that is reaping remarkable resulting in Jamaica. ❤️

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