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Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts was born in Trelawny Jamaica, a true sun of the soil. He now works  as a Sheriff Officer in Essex County New Jersey. He has also served in the Jamaican

Defense Force and the US Air Force as a medic for a combined 12 years. After getting out of the military, he worked as a certified Surgical Technician at Newark Beth Israel Hospital for 10 years. He then  started a new career in law enforcement, and as part of his role now with the Sheriff’s Office, he teaches First Responder Courses at the Police Academy to new recruits. He can be described as the MVP of the mission trips, as he assists with medical efforts,  coordinating team, and advises on safety and security etc…

Growing up in rural Jamaica,  he knows the challenges faced, when there is little or no access to proper public services, especially in remote areas. He has seen that through the foundation he can make a difference.