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Trevor Dixon MD, RDMS

The idea of Jamaicans abroad helping Jamaicans at home, started  as a dream for Dr. Trevor Dixon, it then became the official name of the organization, and is now his mantra.  Dr. Trevor Dixon, is not only the CEO of JAHJAH, but is also currently full time Director of Emergency Ultrasound at Jacobi Medical Centre in the city of New York.


Dr. Dixon has been bringing together, and leading various professionals from New York and New Jersey to voluntarily travel to Jamaica to conduct an annual Emergency Ultrasound Symposium for doctors from various public hospitals across the island, teaching the many uses of the ultrasound machine. Through his leadership, this initiative blossomed into medical missions involving over thirty volunteers from the United States.

Born in Christiana, Manchester, Dixon migrated to the US at age 10. He never forgot the words of his late mother, nurse Hazel B. Dixon, who said, “Instead of complaining about the problem, do something”. Always desiring to help his country of birth, he got involved. “I am hoping to encourage others to get involved and to give, especially to the public hospitals that have a high volume of patients and are under-resourced,” Dixon said.

Dr. DIxon enjoys giving back through charity to those less fortunate.  Jamaica holds a special place in his heart, and therefore he focuses his initiatives on bettering the lives of the underserved citizens of this beautiful island.