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This will be the fifth staging of this project and is held as the name suggest, in an actual weekly dance hall setting in Kingston. This event typically starts about 12:00am every Monday night, a variety of top local Disk Jockey’s turn the tables to the latest dance hall music and dub plates. The patrons include mostly persons from inner city communities as well as tourists who are hip followers of the dance hall culture. Dance off’s are a regular feature of the event. The peak time is around 2:00am in the morning.

Our goal will be to bring HIV and Diabetes testing and awareness to the patrons; this forum makes it accessible and at their “base” to encourage early detection and education about the diseases. We partner with the Jamaica Aids Support for Life and the host of the dance Mr. Whitfield “Witty” Henry. This event will take place during our annual mission trip and is held at Uptown Monday Dance, Constant Spring Road, KIngston.