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The Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home (JAHJAH) Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been participating in the upliftment of Jamaica since 2007. The foundation seeks support from the Jamaican Diaspora and friends of Jamaica all around the world. We concentrate our philanthropic efforts in the areas of health, social services and education, through partnerships with Jamaica’s public hospitals, schools and communities.

The JAHJAH Foundation is donates medical supplies and equipment to public hospitals and healthcare centres in Jamaica. We also share information and technology with healthcare professionals in Jamaica’s public hospitals and health centres. Best practice and proficiencies that are taught to our members who are healthcare professionals in the US, Canada, and the UK are shared with healthcare professionals in the public sector in Jamaica. Our ‘Mission for Change’ involves annual projects and short-term projects which are carried out by  a team of  over 20 volunteers from the United States along with another 20 local support volunteers.



January 16th 
8:00am Ultrasound Conference Day 1 – Knutsford Court Hotel
8:00am Pediatric Cancer Conference – Bustamante Hospital for Children 8:00am
9:00am Health Fair at Haile Selassie High School – Kingston
3:30pm Echocardiogram Test High School Athletes – Knutsford Court Hotel
12:00am Healing in the Dancehall – Uptown Mondays, Savannah Plaza Constant Spring Road



January 17th
8:00am Ultrasound Conference Day 2 – Knutsford Court Hotel
9:00am Health Fair at the Arnett Gardens Community
3:00pm Echocardiogram Test High School Athletes – Knutsford Court Hotel



January 18th 
9:00am Health Fair Ulster Spring Health Centre – Trelawny



January 19th
9:00am Health Fair at the Herbert Morrison Technical High School – St. James
1:30pm Echocardiogram Test High School Athletes – Herbert Morrison Tech High



January 20th
8:00am Trauma Conference Day 1 
9:00am Health Fair – Cambridge Health Centre



January 21st
10:00am Trauma Conference Day 2  – Montego Bay Convention Centre
1:00pm CPR Training Western Region – Montego Bay Convention Centre