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Our Sponsors

Your sponsorship will help us to make an even an bigger impact. Thank you so much for your support.

Ambulance Sponsor - US$40,000

  • Logo on ambulance
  • 10 Tickets to each of our 2 annual fundraising event
  • Front Table Seating at our 2 annual fundraising events
  • Back Page Journal Ad – Fundraising Black Tie Gala
  • Pop up banner on stage – fundraising black Tie Gala
  • Digital Logo at Event
  • 4 promo post on Social Media
  • Verbal Recognition at each fundraising event
  • Media Mention leading up to fundraising events
  • 60 second ad to be shown Black Tie Gala
  • Logo on JAHJAH website for 1 year


Our Partners


Mission 2024

Each year,  the foundation  organizes a group of approximately 45 volunteers mainly from the US, and they along with the local support team assist with projects during  Mission For Change. This coming January 14-21, 2024, the volunteers will serve the less fortunate through  a series of health fairs in schools and communities. The first 2 days will be spent in  Kingston’s intercity areas. The volunteers will then move to St. Thomas, Trelawny and Westmorland. The team will consist of volunteer dentist, pediatrician, emergency physicians, obstetrician and gynecologist, psychiatrist, and nurses.



During the first 2 days of the mission, volunteer emergency physicians led by Dr. Trevor Dixon, will carryout a 2 day Emergency & Critical Care P.O.C.U.S  and P.O.C.U.S. In Obstetrics  & Hands-on Training Workshop  2023. This  training will be provided to healthcare professionals using handheld ultrasound devices.

For more information, email karen@jahjahfoudation.org